Q. I have a Tascam/Fostex/Sony tape machine and/or Mackie mixer...can you fix it for me?

A. Sorry, no. I only repair pro gear - no consumer or "semi-pro" equipment. Please refer to my Services page for more info.

Q. Where can I find parts for my "..." brand of pro recording equipment ?

A. Many pro gear makers provide parts for their products, even those that are no longer in production. Always go to the manufacturer first; even if they don't carry the parts you need anymore, they can often refer you to a third party who may still stock them. Also, be sure to check my links page - you might find just what you're looking for there.

Q. Can you sell me parts for my consumer model Teac, Fostex or Sony reel-to-reel recorder?

A. I don't sell parts. Again, contact the manufacturer first. If they don't have your parts and can't refer you to a source, try posting your question on an appropriate forum, such as

Q. If I send you my gear, can you repair it for me ?

A. Depending on what it is, yes, I may be able to repair your item by mail, but I only repair larger items on-site in my local service area (Orange County, Calif., USA). For other possible resources, check  my links page or contact a technician or shop in your area.

Q. I am looking for a tape deck for my stereo system, can you help me ?

A. Sorry, no. You might try Ebay or Reverb.

Q. I have an inexpensive board. It sounds ok, but I would like to modify it to make it sound better. How do I do that ?

A. Mods can help, but aren't always worth the effort & $$$. Although it is possible to "upgrade" the ICs, doing so can overtax the board's power supply because many of the newer chips draw more current.  You can also install other "better" components, but you risk creating problems in the process (high frequency noise, loud pops when operating switches, etc.) unless you know what you're doing. Unless you're a tech or plan on hiring one, it may be better & cheaper in the long run to simply buy a superior board.