AMPEX MM1200 MULTITRACK RECORD/PLAY ALIGNMENT (The following is for a "+5" record level):

*NOTE ON REPRO ALIGNMENT TONES: A typical MRL alignment tape may be recorded @ 250 nwb/meter or "+3" level. So, if an operating level of +3 is requested, the repro level would be set to 0 VU with this tape. If an operating level of +5 is requested, the Repro level is set to -2 VU (all record levels are set to 0 VU). This procedure applies only to MRL tapes. Client's printed tones are always set to 0 VU.

1. If needed, demagnetize heads (machine off). Clean with isopropyl alcohol (at least 91% pure is preferable). Make sure the back sides of the stationary guides on either side of the heads are clean.

2.On remote unit, put master monitor switch in "repro" position and standby monitor switch in "m/mon" position.

3. Select desired tape speed (on remote). Flip all safe switches to the off position (down).

4. Thread up an MRL test tape or client's printed tones. Check that all bias/audio switches on machine are set to "audio".

5. Using the 1 KHZ tape tone, adjust repro pots (on horizontal switching cards) for -2 VU (with MRL tones), or 0 VU (client's tones)*.

6. Put master monitor switch in "sync" position. Using 1 KHZ again, adjust sel-sync pots for the same level as above.

7. Put master monitor switch in repro position. Play the 10 KHZ tone and adjust the hi-freq pots (on reproduce cards; high = 30 ips, low = 15 ips) for the same level as in steps #5 & #6.

8. Route an oscillator tone @ 10 KHZ to all inputs via your mixer's busses (group outputs). Make sure console is in buss or "group out" mode and not in tape return mode.

9. Set all channels to record ready and thread up a blank reel of tape of the type you will be using. Place machine in record.

10. Set oscillator level for an indication of about mid-scale on the MM1200's meters.

11. Set each track as follows (do not touch erase peak controls!): Turn bias adj. pot back & forth until a peak is found. Now, turn pot clockwise until meter drops by 1.5 dB (VU) @ 30ips or 3 dB @ 15 ips. These settings are for Quantegy/Ampex 456, Agfa 468 and the old 3M 250/226 tapes . For Quantegy/Ampex 499 tape, use 1.2 dB @ 30 ips or 3 dB @ 15 ips. For RMG/Emtec 468 & 900 tapes, use 1.25 @ 30 ips or 3.5 dB @ 15 ips. For RMG/Emtec 911 tape, use 1.25 @ 30 ips or 2.5 dB @ 15 ips. For 3M 996 tape, use 2 dB @ 30 ips or 4 dB @ 15 ips. For ATR Magnetics Tape, use 1 dB @ 30 ips or 2 dB @ 15 ips.

12. Change oscillator frequency to 1 KHZ and carefully set each of the board's buss outputs to 0 VU on console buss meters.

13. Set master monitor switch to repro. Place machine in record and adjust each record pot (on switching cards) for 0 VU on machine's meters. Change osc. frequency to 10 KHZ. On record cards, adjust either hi-speed or low-speed controls (depending on operating speed) to 0 VU.

14. Change oscillator to 100 HZ. With deck in record and master monitor switch set to repro, set low freq reproduce pots to 0 VU. Stop machine.

15. Put master monitor switch in "single" position, and set all channel switches to input position.

16. Change Osc. tone back to 1 KHZ. Set all rec cal pots to 0 VU.